Ethiopian Cultural Clothings

Welcome to, an online store by Safari Ethiopian Boutique in Los Angeles, California.

Our specialty is handmade cotton traditional Ethiopian clothing. Such as the "gabi," the traditional Ethiopian throw/blanket, the "coffee dress" - worn usually during the Ethiopian coffee ceremony, "Ethiopian formal wear" (for men and women) - for formal affairs, church, parties or weddings, and pure cotton overcoats - casual, trendy wear for brisk weather. We also carry a full line of Ethiopian clothing for men, including formal wear and casual men's tops and jackets.

Our web site features many items from our stores. However, each item is unique because they are handmade and an exact item as in the picture may not be available. We usually have very close substitutes that we'll be happy to recommend. Substitutes usually have slight variations in color or pattern, pattern size etc.

We take orders from across the United States , Canada , Europe , Japan and Australia . Safari Ethiopian Store has been in business for 10 years and we are experts suggesting items for all occasions.

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Please Note: as these items are handmade items, there may be slight variations in size & specific design availability.


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