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The Traditional Coffee Dress is hand made, 100% pure Ethiopian cotton. This dress is worn for more relaxed activity around the house, such as the coffee ceremony or as weekend home wear.

There are two kinds of coffee dresses , one that's made fully by hand and 100% cotton ($85 for the one with large patterns, $85 for the middle pattern only), and a newer version called " Harambe " ($50 first one from the right) is made from manufactured fabric but the pattern is sown in by hand.

As the Traditional Coffee Dress is hand made we might not have the exact patterns you see here, but using the above 3 patterns let us know which one you prefer and we'll help you choose an appropriate selection through color and pattern choices. - by Safari Ethiopian Store in Los Angeles
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Please Note: as these items are handmade items, there may be slight variations in size & specific design availability.